Friday, June 19, 2015

♥L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush♥

I love cream blushes in the summer time! I think they are perfect to pop on over a tinted moisturizer or BB/CC Cream and look really natural. You can also use them over foundation and under a powder blush to amp things up! I like the L'Oreal Visible Lift Foundation so I had to try these!
Here's what L'Oreal says about this product:
 "Now a blush that blurs dullness with sheer color instantly while delivering the anti-aging benefits of Visible Lift. For a fresh, smooth youthful finish you'll love. And not a flaw in sight."
They come in three beautiful colors! Top to bottom: Soft Berry, Soft Pink, and Soft Peach.
When I first squeezed some out, I thought they were more of a gel formula, instead of a cream. Perhaps they are some kind of hybrid. I also thought they were going to be more pigmented from the picture above, but as the name suggests, they are soft and very blendable!
These are very soft, natural looking colors. They contain dimethicone so they glide on really smooth. I don't feel like they are a long lasting blush, but it should get you through a typical 8 hour work day if you have normal or dry skin. I'm not sure how good this would be for oily skin. As far as anti-aging and looking flawless...I can't speak to that. I see no difference in my skin when wearing it/not. I don't have signs of aging on my cheeks (at least that's one place that still looks young!). I can say that it looks smooth and natural.
The only real drawback is the price. These are $12.99 a pop! I think that's very high for a drugstore blush. You do get quite a bit of product and it does go a long way---but still!
What do you think about prices in the drugstore now? Leave me your opinions in the comment section below!
Stay NV'ious!
FTC Disclosure: I purchased these with my own money. I am not affiliated with L'Oreal. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

♥Lorac Unzipped Gold♥

Hi dolls! I had been lusting for the Lorac Unzipped palette forever! I went to my Ulta to get it but sadly, it was sold out. But, I found the Unzipped Gold palette! I had been on the fence on if I wanted to buy it or not, but one look at it in person.....well....obviously I'm doing this post about it! 
These shadows are so pigmented and true to Lorac's formula, a bit powdery too. I don't mind though because of how pigmented and blendable these shadows are. Let's look at the swatches!
All these swatches were done without primer or building them up. This is just one good swipe at each color. I have used this palette so much already but unfortunately, I don't have a photo of myself wearing it yet. I will update this post when I do though.
I'm so pleased with the Unzipped Gold! I recommend it to anyone who loves golds and neutrals. You can get so many looks with this palette. I love how buttery the shadows are--there's not a single dude in this palette.  It has a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. What's your favorite color?
Until next time,
Stay NV'ous!
FTC Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this with my own money.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Replica Makeup?

Replica makeup. a hot topic in the beauty community today. Some people are all for it as many brands have products with a high price tag that many cannot afford while others are appalled and worried ingredients could be harmful to their health.


I recently won a giveaway from Brandy Lynn on YouTube. She gave away Lorac Mega Pro replica palettes, along with a few others, in a giveaway. She reviewed several replica palettes here, if you want to check it out. I won't go over everything she shared, but she did say she tried out her replica palettes for a few months before reviewing them. She also searched her higher end makeup products and many things are made in China.
This palette is sold for significantly less than from if you bought a real palette. I believe you can find this for around $15. With this lower price tag, you can expect the quality to be not a good. Here's some pictures of things I would call defects.
The glue has come undone on the bottom side of the palette.
In several places on the palette the lettering is rubbing off. One of the color names is even printed incorrectly. Instead of Lilac, it says Ulac.
But how does it perform? Some colors swatch amazing with a buttery texture similar to the real Lorac shadows. Others, however, had very little pigmentation.
The top is row is completely matte. A lot of these shades are similar to my skin color, so they aren't showing up well in the picture. The second row had to be swatched heavily to show up. The bottom two rows were the best in pigmentation. They were, for the most part, very creamy and blended very easily. In each row, the last color was a blackish color. You can see the last two are extremely pigmented. I thought I wouldn't like the other two, but I find that those two are useful when I want to deepen my outer v ever so slightly.
Here's a look I achieved with this palette:
I did feel like I had to pack the color on for the opacity that I wanted. But the colors build and blend well. I did not find that they irritated my eyes at all. It wore just like any of my other eye shadows. I did wear a primer, as I would with anything else.
Overall thoughts:
I still prefer to spend the money for authentic makeup and support the brand, but if you are on a very tight budget but you want to get similar looks, then you may want to try a replica.
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Free Beauty Event Giveaway!

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Stay NV'ious!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Free Beauty Events Giveaway!

You guys know I just love FREE beauty products!!! Here's the newest giveaway from Free Beauty Events!!

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On our site you can enter your zip code to find beauty events in your area. Readers can also follow us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. In addition to listing in-store makeovers, also features a blog on product reviews ( and a monthly contest at

Good luck beauties!!!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

♥ Hard Candy Natural Eyes Palette ♥

Hi Dolls! I'm back with another post showing you a new product from Hard Candy! This, and a bunch of new Hard Candy products, were sent to me and I had to share with you guys! I posted a bunch of pictures on my Instagram page when I first got them. Here's a look at one of their three new palettes!

Don't these remind you so much of the Too Faced tin palettes? It's so cute! I took the annoying "new" sticker off and had a hard time removing all the glue--in case you are wondering what the stuff is on the top right corner.
Let's look inside!
Beautiful neutral colors, a black eye liner, a duel sided sponge tip applicator, good sized (and good quality!) mirror, look cards with pictures and a mini eye primer. They sell the eye primer (and I'm guessing the eye liner) separately in larger sizes. The colors do have names, but sadly they aren't printed under the shadows. Inside the pamphlet, you can find picture tutorials and the names of the shadows.
 This is great for beginners to give them ideas on how to achieve different looks from this palette.
 On the back of the card, they include better pictures of the looks. Again, wonderful for beginners!
Here's all the shadow names. I think they gave them really cute names! Let's look at the swatches! (My favorite part!)

I honestly thought these were going to be chalky and have very little color payoff. I'm so happy to report that they're pretty good! And to my biggest surprise, the all stars in this palette are the matte shadows! Usually it's pretty easy to formulate creamy shimmery shades and harder to get mattes pigmented---at least in the drugstore. But I find that the matte shades are the most buttery smooth shadows in this palette. There are 4 matte shades in this 9 pan palette--pretty awesome!
Some colors took a bit more work to get to show up so pigmented, but these swatches are NOT over any primer. The primer is white but doesn't really provide any color correction on the lid. It words fine--much better than nothing, but isn't my favorite primer. I tested it against the new eyelid primer from L'Oreal and it performed almost as well. Let's look at the liner...
Woah baby! It's so black!!! And it's matte! It glides on extremely smooth but this Take Me Out liner did not last in my water line sadly. It did, however, last all day on my lid! This is for sure a winner! I will definitely purchase this full size if it's available!
I still haven't told you the best thing about this Hard Candy palette---it's only $8! You get 9 shadows, an eye primer and liner! Not to mention the super cute packaging! The mirror is large enough to do your eye shadow with and it's not so bulky to travel with.
I do have the Sassy Eyes and Smokey Eyes palettes to swatch, so make sure you follow this blog so you don't miss those posts!
Do you have any of these palettes? Which one is your favorite?
Until next time, Stay NV'ious!
FTC Disclosure: As mentioned, I did receive this as a press sample. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review/feature. ALL opinions on this blog are my own, honest thoughts. I would never tell you I liked something if I didn't.

Friday, February 27, 2015

♥Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art ♥

Hi Dolls! I'm back with another post wish a first impression and swatches of the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid + Line + Lash. I've had these for about a month. I haven't worn all of them but for the ones I have, I'll let you know what I think so far! I have 9 of the 10 colors--I just couldn't fin d the last one. But looking online at it, I'm probably fine without it, though I did want them all swatched here. **If I find it and decide to pick it up, I'll update this post! You can tell me in the comments if you'd really like to see it. **
As you can see, this packaging looks a lot like Revlon's double ended nail polishes. I've got just one of those, but I love it! I was really hoping these turned out to be as pretty as they look!
Let's get to those swatches!!!
Topaz Twinkle is just amazing! The cream shadow swatches exactly how it looks in the packaging. It's very opaque so it doesn't require you to layer it on your lid for full color. The glitter is amazing! It's has rainbow glitters that are so fine mixed in with a base color similar to the cream shadow. The glitter really makes in impact so you don't have to layer on a lot to get this to show up. I ♥ this one!
This is Desert Dazzle. I have not used this one yet but I just ♥ it from the swatches! Again, this one was very pigmented and doesn't seem like it will need to be layered to get full color from the cream shadow or the glitter.
This is Peach Prism. I'm officially obsessed with this color! ♥♥♥ It's a softer color so it's perfect to wear anytime, anyplace! I have worn this many times! I've worn the glitter all over my lid as well. It's more subtle than some of the others, but I think that works with this color. You can layer this one to make it more intense if you like.
This is Burnish Bling. In this swatch, I found that the cream was extremely pigmented, but the glitter--not so much. I really layered a lot in this swatch and you can still barely see it. It seems to be more clear with a very subtle glitter. But, that might be what someone is going for---if you want a super subtle glitter look, this might be for you.
Here's the first four colors together so you can see how they compare a bit better!
On to the next group....
This is Green Glimmer. Again, the cream shadow was insanely pigmented and the glitter just really fell short. If this appeals to you though, right on sister/brother! I did use this on my 7 year old playing making and she really enjoyed it.
This is Lilac Luster and this was by far the least impressive. Both the cream and the glitter are very transparent. This is several layers of each. Pretty disappointing. Two thumbs down.
This is Fuchsia Flash. The pink comes off a bit paler than what is in the tube (which is really the only one I felt did that). The glitter on this one is also a bit lack luster. *Merp*
This is Black Brilliance. The cream shadow on this one is crazy insane! It's so black!!! I haven't use this one yet but would make for a killer night out look! The white glitter is really layered here so you can see it. I wish they had more it more pigmented, but perhaps it looks stunning over the black--if I get around to trying that, I'll post that on my Instagram. **I'll post all my looks with these over there, so make sure you follow me there! If you have a beauty page, I'll follow you back.**
And here are those four together so you can compare. Just look how amazing the cream shadows are in Green Glimmer and Black Brilliance---they leave Lilac Luster (especially!) and Fuchsia Flash in the dirt!! But unfortunately, all the glitters aren't stellar.
I have one more but due to the small size of the back of my hand, this is the lone ranger...
This beauty is Gold Glitz and might be the most opaque of the bunch! The gold is definitely brighter and more yellow than I would have preferred but at least the pigmentation is on fleek! The gunmetal glitter is just to die for! That is one layer! Can you believe it?
And just for fun, here are ALL the swatches together!
I forgot to take pictures when I was wearing this, but I'm inserting some pictures from the Revlon website to show you some ways you can use these:
These are all using Desert Dazzle. And YES you can use the glitter on your lashes, supposedly, though I wouldn't if you have sensitive eyes like I can sometimes. You can do an intense look with these, like shown here, or something more wearable for every day, like what you are likely to see on my Instagram. I hope you found this post helpful!
♥My Personal Favorites♥
Peach Prism
Topaz Twinkle
Burnished Bling
Desert Dazzle
In the comments, tell me your favorite color! And also, don't forget to follow me on
The reason I started this blog SO many years ago was the connect with other beauty junkies! I love talking to you all! So please join me!
♥Stay NVious♥
FTC Disclosure: This product was sent to me as a press sample. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review/feature. All opinions on this blog are my honest thoughts.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Glitter Nail Polish Remover?

I was SO excited when I found this little puppy at Walmart!  I love glitter nail polish but rarely do I ever use it as it's such a pain in the neck to remove it. Can I get an Amen?
 You get 4 fl oz or 118 ml for just $3.00. The packaging is a pretty heavy plastic that you squeeze to get the product out. When I first opened it a bit shot out at me! The consistency is similar to a thick hand sanitizer.  This product claims to remove glitter nail polish in two minutes with just one swipe of a cotton ball. Let's put it to the test...
So here's the glitter nails I was attempting to remove:
This manicure includes Essie's Penny Talk and Summit of Style. It was gorgeous while it lasted but I'm not all about rockin' a chipped mani so it's time to go!
The directions say to apply a generous amount, so I squeezed some out then spread it all over the nail.
I waited two minutes then swiped with the cotton ball and here's the results:
Wait for it.....
I was literally heartbroken! I wanted this to work so badly! You can see it took off a bit, but the claim was to remove the glitter polish completely in one swipe. I even tried rubbing my nail with the cotton ball that was covered in the gel. *Sigh* Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I wasn't liberal enough! Let's try it again!
I laid it on super thick, set my timer for 2 minutes and anxiously waited for the magic to happen.
Are you are anxious as I was?
Did it work?
Let's find out
As you can see even putting on a copious amount of product didn't do the trick. =(
Wah, wah, waaaaaaaaah.
So now the only thing left to do was to bust out regular old nail polish remover and OF COURSE I only had acetone free. This is going to take a while....
So after almost an entire bottle (I hadn't used any of this bottle yet) and an entire bag of (admittedly cheap) of cotton balls AND about 20 minutes............
Finally, cleaned off nails. Phew!
Needless to say, I cannot recommend that you try this product. Save yours $3 bucks and put it towards good old fashioned acetone to remove your stubborn glitter. I am, however, tempted to try this again (though only on an accent nail) to see if I use a finer glitter polish if this will work. Essie's Summit of Style is a very chunky glitter and I had on two generous coats. Stay tuned for part two of this review! Make sure you are following this blog so you don't miss it! Also, follow me on my other social media! I love hearing from you!
 Until next time, Stay NVious!
FTC Disclosure: I purchased this with my own money. I have never accepted money in exchange for a review/feature. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.